In Sweden, having a fika is an essential part of life. They happen at work, home, with friends, even as just short meetings.

Although a “fika” can be roughly translated as a coffee break, or “tea and biscuits” if you’re British. It’s a little bit more than that, there’s an important social element to having a fika.

So James and Per, during the pandemic, will try to hold regular half-hour online fikas together with UX Podcast listeners.

The time of the next fika can be found on this page. At the moment, we’re holding them every week at 1530 CEST on Fridays.

The place to meet up is our Whereby room.

Next fika:

Our last online-fika for now was on Friday the 26th of June. After that James and Per are taking a summer break. We’ll update the page when the Fikas are back.

If you’re interested in joining us for a fika, email and let us know.