Podcast sponsors

UX Podcast has a niche audience, the majority of the listeners are people working within the profession of user experience and interaction design.

The listenership of UX Podcast reaches beyond UX/IxD and also includes people who are working within digital media, such as product owners, web managers and communicators.

There are a small number of UX related podcasts. UX Podcast gives a unique opportunity for sponsors to reach the UX community through audio advertising.

In our most recent listener survey we received a Net Promoter Score of +63.

2017 Q1 Statistics

Measured using the podcast distribution platform Blubrry, each UX Podcast episode is downloaded roughly 3000 times in the days immediately after publishing. This rises to between 6200-6900 during the following two months. Even episodes 3-5 months old are downloaded at least 400 times each month.

Across all episodes, UX Podcast is downloaded 19000 times a month.

In addition to download, UX Podcast is listened to via Soundcloud (around 1000 listens per month) as well as Stitcher, and Spreaker.

From the Blubrry statistics, 45% of our listeners are based in the US, 10% in Sweden, 10% in the UK. We regularly reach listeners in over 80 different countries and have reached listeners in 163 countries since our records began.

50% of listeners listen using an iOS device,  15% on a Mac, 10% Windows and 10% Android (15% “multi-platform”)


UX Podcasts features a maximum of 2 sponsors per show. One main sponsor and one “show type” sponsor.

  • Main sponsor
    – Maximum 15 second “live read” of your sponsorship text as part of the show intro
    – A link/banner on each sponsored episode’s page
    – Repeat mention during the show outro
  • Show type sponsor
    – Choose to sponsor interviews, topic shows, link shows or event shows
    – Maximum 15 second “live read” of your sponsorship text as part of the show intro
    – Repeat mention during the show outro
    – A link/banner on each sponsored episode’s page


  • 2 show sponsorship package – 4500 sek (490 euro, $690)
  • 5 show sponsorship package – 9500 sek (990 euro, $1390)
  • Discount with longer sponsorship periods – 22000 sek for 13 shows. (2500 euro, $3390)


All of our sponsors have to have a clear goal with their sponsorship. It’d be hypocrytical of us if we didn’t help make sure your digital marketing is well defined and measurable!

Our goal by including 2 sponsors per show is to help pay for the time we invest in making a high quality and popular podcast, as well as enabling us to make it even better.


James Royal-Lawson, +46735931654

Per Axbom, +46709132500