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Hosted by James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom. UX Podcast has been Breaking down silos, boosting your confidence, and sharing knowledge since 2011.


James: Welcome to UX Podcast. I’m James Royal-Lawson

Per: And I’m Per Axbom

James: We’ve been breaking down silos, boosting your confidence, and sharing knowledge since 2011. 

Per: And doing our best to bring you a mix of content that balances technology, business and people, reaching listeners in every country around the world.

James: Back in 2011 we sounded a little bit like this…

[Clip of the first theme tune] 

Per: and we hadn’t, for the first few episodes at least, learnt much about sound production

James: Then we sounded a little bit like this…

[Clip of the second theme tune]

Per: And got ourselves some decent microphones

James: These days we sound like this…

[Current theme tune]

Per: And have those fancy “Madonna headsets” and a producer.

James: Both me and Per are independent consultants – we’ve both been self-employed for more than a decade and have been “in the business” for over 20. 

Per: Although you’d never guess that from our baby looks, full heads of hair and smooth complexions. [cough]

James: Usually an episode of UX podcast features a guest – an author, a speaker, or just simply someone who we think has knowledge that’s worth sharing with you. 

Per: Sometimes we have what we call link shows where we discuss a couple of articles we’ve found and read during our digital travels. 

James: On top of that we occasionally have topic shows that are dedicated entirely to one single specific topic. 

Per: We used to do event shows – shorter interviews recorded live at conferences, but in recent years we’ve evolved those moments into full blown interview shows – with better sound!.

James: Another thing we’ve moved away from are sponsors. In recent years, you won’t hear sponsor slots or adverts on UX Podcast. 

Per: We’re funded by [me Per and James] plus contributions that you provide – and many of those contributions take the form of volunteering to help us with transcripts and publishing. 

James: Our team of listener-volunteers is fantastic and really does help make UX Podcast possible. So, run the bath, go for a run, cut the grass, sit back and close your eyes – however you listen to your podcasts –  and enjoy the show. 

Per: We hope you learn as much as we have over the years.

Per: Remember to keep moving

James: See you on the other side.

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