UX Podcast Christmas listening 🎄

Just in case you’ve got a gap in your festive schedule, we’ve pulled together a collection of 7 episode of UX Podcast for you to listen to. We looked back in the archive and picked out a selection of shows about some of 2017’s hottest topics: Design leadership, Bots, AI and ethics.

Put your headphones on, press play and listen to interviews with Alissa Briggs, Tom Greever, Chris Noessel, Daniel Harvey, Pamela Pavliscak, Susan & Guthrie Weinschenk and Adam Scott.

Either listen using the embedded Soundcloud playlist, or play each each episode using the players in this blog post.

#173 Building a design team with Alissa Briggs

Building a design team
 – Alissa Briggs has mastered design leadership. In this interview Alissa shares her experiences of – and processes for – running, building and managing a design team.

#119 Articulating design decisions with Tom Greever

Articulating Design Decisions
 – We talk to Tom Greever about how to talk about our designs in effective way with stakeholders.

#168 Articulating more design decisions with Tom Greever

Articulating more design decisions
 – We have a follow-up chat with Tom and explore the boundary of persuasion and manipulation in relation to communicating and articulating our designs.

#121 Agentive technology with Chris Noessel

Agentive Technology
 – Chris Noessel takes us on an enlightening ride through the concept of agentive technology; computers doing things on our behalf.

#143 Chatbots & emotional data with Daniel Harvey and Pamela Pavliscak

Chatbots & emotional data
 – Daniel Harvey talked to us about chatbots and AI and how we are heading for a future where appstores are going to be replaced by botstores. Pamela Pavliscak explains how emotional data will be collected to augment the existing data layer.

#161 Get people to take action with Susan & Guthrie Weinschenk

Get people to take action
 – We talked to Susan and Guthrie about persuasion and manipulation and how to reach an ethical balance – are we destined to “race to the bottom of the brain stem”?

#166 Oblivious design

Oblivious design
– is how we, as designers (and programmers), have good intentions and good ideas but our focus is normally on very specific scenarios. This, combined with our domain knowledge, causes potential uses (and abuses) to go overlooked.

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Happy holidays!