Get ready for FBTB 2019 with this podcast playlist

From Business To Buttons is back on May 3rd for its 2019 edition. We’ll be there to interview as many speakers as we can physically fit in.

We’ve had no less than four of this year’s speaker line-up on the show before, so we’ve put together a playlist for you as a conference warm-up!

Speaking in 2019

Previous interviews with people who are speaking at this year’s From Business To Buttons in Stockholm.

#133 Animation and Fairytale UX with Val Head & Per Axbom

In this interview with Val we learn about animation best practices and how animation for example can help with spatial orientation, feedback mechanisms and communicating your brand.

#121 Agentive technology with Chris Noessel

During our interview Chris takes us on an enlightening ride through his studies of the different categories of artificial intelligence, the trolley problem and cooking with Watson. Chris has joined us on four episodes over the years.

#89 James & Per want a car not a skateboard

How do you build a minimum viable product? Inspired by a Twitter conversation, we talk to Russ Unger, Stephen Anderson and Jeff Gothelf about what MVP is, what it isn’t.

##192 Values are the experience with Kim Goodwin

We discuss with Kim the importance of influencing the people who make the big decisions, the need for designers to develop their “soft skills”, what it means to be humans-centred versus metrics-centred, and the power of self-reflection. Kim also joined us in Episode 93.

 Highlights from previous years

#164 Engaging with compassion with Eric Meyer

Through his own tragic experience after the death of his young daughter Rebecca to cancer, Eric Meyer explains to us how the ideal outcome we design for isn’t the only outcome. We need to use our design skills to humanise the web.

#193 Designing democracy with Dana Chisnell

We talk to Dana about democracy as a design problem. We look at how the design of civic engagement impacts on both registration and participation and how that impact varies for burdened and privileged voters.

#195 Infused design with Jared Spool

Jared Spool joins us to talk about the growth stages understanding and the growth states of UX in organisations. Jared has joined us in a total of 3 episodes.

Even more from FBTB

UX Podcast has been at 3 previous editions of From Business To Buttons during the years. So please have a look at the FBTB tag to find more UX brain food to consume.

Hope to see you at the conference. Whether you’ll find yourself there or not, we do hope you’ll benefit from our coverage. If you aren’t already listening through a podcast client, subscribe here.

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