Warm up for FBTB 2023 with this podcast playlist

From Business To Buttons is in Stockholm on May 12th, 2023. We’ll be there to meet some old friends, take in some talks, and interview speakers for the upcoming new series of UX Podcast.

We’ve interviewed four of this year’s speaker line-up on the show before – and Kim Goodwin herself has been on 4 times! So we’ve put together a playlist for you as a taster for this year’s Edition of FBTB.

Speaking in 2023

Previous interviews with people who are speaking at this year’s From Business To Buttons in Stockholm.

#310 Fudge design thinking with Anna Kirah

Power dynamics, egos, “I know best”. The ways in which we go about solving problems need to be challenged and changed. Anna Kirah joins us to help us facilitate that change and make a move from design thinking towards transdisciplinary thinking.

#234 Visual thinking with Eva-Lotta Lamm

Eva-Lotta Lamm joins us to talk about sketching, visualising and using visualisations for uncovering and exploring problems – and giving people permission to do rubbish drawings – to get over not being good enough.

#245 Cognitive bias with David Dylan Thomas

We all have cognitive biases, flaws in our reasoning and judgement due to our personal beliefs and hidden pattens that we’ve subconsciously adopted over time. David Dylan Thomas joins us to discuss cognitive bias and how we can design for it and work with it.

#221 Decision systems with Kim Goodwin

Design systems are often a good investment, but do they give the highest rate of return? No says Kim, changing how we make decisions gives more.

 Highlights from previous years

#211 Disruptive design patterns with Laura Kalbag

Laura Kalbag, author of Accessibility for Everyone, joins us to talk about accessibility and also disruptive design patterns. We discuss accessibility by default, data collection and business models as well as using the web for good.

#164 Engaging with compassion with Eric Meyer

Through his own tragic experience after the death of his young daughter Rebecca to cancer, Eric Meyer explains to us how the ideal outcome we design for isn’t the only outcome. We need to use our design skills to humanise the web.

#193 Designing democracy with Dana Chisnell

We talk to Dana about democracy as a design problem. We look at how the design of civic engagement impacts on both registration and participation and how that impact varies for burdened and privileged voters.

Even more from FBTB

UX Podcast has been at 4 previous editions of From Business To Buttons during the years. So please have a look at the FBTB tag to find more UX brain food to consume or check out this Spotify playlist with all our From Business To Buttons interviews

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