Interview with @vlh at #UXLx 2016

This podcast is episode 4 of 11 recorded at UXLx 2016

Val Head held the workshop “Animating the user experience”.  We looked at why motion is so useful in our designs and took some time to go through Disney’s 12 principles of animation and how they are applied to our design processes.

#127 The Compassion Team

A linkshow. James and Per discuss three articles that have grabbed their attention.

The first article is Users always choose the path of least resistance by Paul Boag. Paul says that users will always take the easy option so to maintain a competitive advantage, we need to focus on simplicity.

The second article is Transitions and animations and all that jazz by our one and own James Royal-Lawson. James looks at the impact of animation and transition details on the user experience and how to successfully get this implemented into our solutions.

Our third and final article is The Facebook Breakup by Penelope Green. The New York Times takes a look at “the breakup flow” as it is called. How the compassion team at Facebook have worked with the UX of ending a relationship on social media.

(Listening time: 29 minutes)