Show notes

Episode 153 is a link show. James and Per discuss three articles that have grabbed their attention.

Article one is Ruthless Prioritization by Brandon Chu. “All high functioning teams must prioritize. Not once a month, not once a week, but rigorously, and ruthlessly.”

The second article we discuss is How a knowledge kanban board can help your user research by Kieron Kirkland. “We needed a way to plan this research and also to document it, share it with the rest of the team and integrate it into the way the product is developing. To do this, we set up a knowledge kanban board.”

Our third article is The dangers of delightful design by John Saito. “In the world of design, we often praise delightful details. But as you’ll soon see, delightful details can sometimes get you into trouble.”

(Listening time: 34 minutes)