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Episode 260 is a linkshow. Per and James discuss two articles that have grabbed their attention – we feature articles about information architecture and following the principles that our brains expect from physical experiences, plus smart questions you should ask during job interviews.

Article one is Websites are not living rooms and other lessons for information architecture by Sarah R Barrett. “While there is a lot that IA can learn from actual architecture or city planning, websites aren’t buildings or cities, and they don’t have to work like them. Instead, they should be designed according to the same principles that people’s brains expect from physical experiences.”

Our second featured article is Things I wish UX candidates would ask me during interviews by Nati Asher. “And then, when it seems to come to an ending, I will ask: ‘Do you have any questions for me?‘ This is not a triviality, and definitely not out of politeness. No matter how much I ask and the answers I get — I usually learn more about a candidate, their maturity, and expectations from their questions to me than anything else”.

(Listening time: 32 minutes, transcript)


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