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S02E03 (#313). A linkshow featuring two articles that have grabbed James and Per’s attention. The articles in this episode are about the need for low-carbon and sustainable computing and CSS media features that can be used for detecting user preferences and creating more inclusive experiences. 

Article one is Frugal computing: developer perspective by Wim Vanderbauwhede.

“As a society we need to start treating computational resources as finite and precious, to be utilised only when necessary, and as effectively as possible. We need frugal computing: achieving the same results for less energy.”  

Article two is CSS And Accessibility: Inclusion Through User Choice by Carie Fisher.

“Supporting the needs of individuals with disabilities and assistive technology adds a layer of complexity to an already complex situation. Nonetheless, designers and developers are responsible for addressing these user needs as best we can by providing accessible choices.”  

(Listening time: 42 minutes, transcript)


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