#78 James & Per & You

In the style of a radio phone-in, James and Per open up the communication channels and talk to you the listener. We took calls live and blind not knowing who was going to ring and what we were going to talk about. The guests in our first experimental listener-phone-in ended up being Edward DahllöfMartin ChristensenOla Carlssonand Tim Wright.

We talked about the UX of banking, user research, getting into UX as a non-UXer, and frameworks for delivering style guides.

Email us at and let us know what you think of the “phone-in” format.

(Listening time: 29 minutes)


#37 James & Per make a deposit

Brett King, banking disruptor and founder of mobile-based Moven bank joins us for a chat from a restaurant in Santa Monica, California. Retail banking is about to be disrupted. There no way of avoiding of stopping that. Can existing banks survice? Can new banks establish themselves? and big a role will UX will play in the upcoming shake-up?

(Listening time 43 minutes)