Interview with @mikeatherton at #UXLx 2015

This podcast is episode 5 of 8 recorded at UXLx 2015

Interview with Mike Atherton at UXLx 2015. Mike held a workshop around structured content modelling and held a talk on the conference day entitled Designing with linked data. We Pulled him into Room 4 after lunch on day 3 and talked about linked data and its potential.

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Pilot show: UXLx 2011

This podcast is episode 1 of 1 recorded at UXLx 2011

In this the first ever episode of UXPodcast with James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom we talk about User Experience Lisbon 2011. Which was a UX conference held in Portugal between the 10th and the 13th May 2011.

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