val head

Animating the User Experience

Guest post by Jenny Reeves

Episode 133 of UX podcast featuring Val Head is particularly fascinating because it brings the topic of animation, which is often seen as a distraction reminiscent of Flash, to the forefront as an important aspect of interaction design.

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#133 Animation and Fairytale UX with Val Head & Per Axbom

At UXLx James and Per both attended Val Head’s workshop to learn more about animation in online interfaces. The workshop gave us some excellent examples and Val had us experiment with prototyping animation. In this interview we learn a bit more about animation best practices and how animation for example can help with spatial orientation, feedback mechanisms and communicating your brand.

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Interview with @vlh at #UXLx 2016

This podcast is episode 4 of 11 recorded at UXLx 2016

Val Head held the workshop “Animating the user experience”.  We looked at why motion is so useful in our designs and took some time to go through Disney’s 12 principles of animation and how they are applied to our design processes.