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#117 Designing with Images

It’s so easy to add a little rectangle to a wireframe, but what are the consequences of adding an image to your design? Are images good or bad for UX? How can we improve our design processes so that we take the impact of images properly into account? In this topic show Per and James look into […]

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#67 James & Per & Anna talk deliverables

UX deliverables with Anna Dahlström. We look at the problem with UX deliverables, explore being tactical and adapting what you produce to the situation, dabble with mentoring and find time for a “fika”. (Listening time 53 minutes, transcript) Episode #67: #UX Deliverables with @annadahlstrom http://t.co/Ys6Y1Ysihi — UX Podcast (@uxpodcast) February 21, 2014 References: Best Practice […]

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