Get ready for UXLx 2018 with this podcast playlist

In May we will be returning to UX Podcast roots yet again. We have undoubtedly performed the most number of event interviews at User Experience Lisbon and will be back to conduct several on-site interviews with speakers this year, during the week of May 22-25.

To get you in the mood and prepare you for the intense networking and learning experience that is UXLx, we have put together a playlist with 8 shows that should keep you busy during the weeks running up to the conference. Enjoy!

Speaking in 2018

Previous interviews with people who will be speaking and/or giving workshops at this year’s UX Lisbon.

#181 Product strategy with Richard Banfield

Richard shares his thoughts on product strategy, the sharing of language and culture within a team, the importance of psychological safe space, product team challenges, distributed teams, and the value of making mistakes.

#175 Human centred design with Alastair Somerville

We talk to Alastair about human centred design. How to use your senses and perception and take in the world around you. This is a prequel to the workshop Alastair will be hosting at UXLx.

#170 Discovery with Dan Brown

We need to ask the big hard questions at the beginning of the process so we can make good design decisions later. We talk to Dan Brown about the discovery phase or perhaps, as Dan suggests: the discovery mindset.

#158 Shoot for the Moon with Jaime Levy

Jaime shares the personal journey that led her to her Hyperloop study and why. We talk about the importance of having mentors and heroes no matter where you are on your career path, about the importance of validating problems before diving in to designing the solution and how agile methodologies need to be applied to strategy too.

#93 James & Per & Kim plan their journey

We’re joined by Kim Goodwin, author of Designing for the digital age and UX executive at both PatientsLikeMe and Cooper. We dive into the merits of journey mapping, what it is and how it can be useful.

 Highlights from previous years

#136 Creativity with Denise Jacobs & Chris Noessel

We talk to Denise about how to banish our inner critic and the mental blocks that get in the way of creative thinking and Chris joins us to discuss why creativity is so important and what we can do to boost it.

#131 Ranch Stories with Alan Cooper, part 2

We continue our discussion around capitalism, entrepreneurship and our (perhaps unconscious) movement of community resources into the hands of corporations.

#130 Ranch Stories with Alan Cooper, part 1

A thoughtful and meaningful reflection on the state of the tech and design industry.

#122 Calm technology with Amber Case

Cyber anthropologist Amber Case talks about we now need to learn how tackle the challenge of ubiquitous computers and devices competing for human attention.

#107 Architecting the information age with Lisa Welchman

We talk to Lisa about our responsibility as designers and creators of digital products, services and information. We discuss the need to take a holistic view and have the confidence to stand up for what we know we should be doing digitally.

Can’t get enough?

Honestly, there is so much good content from UXLx speakers that making this list was incredibly difficult. Do check out the UXLx tag to find more inspirational content.

Hope to see you at the conference. Whether you’ll find yourself there or not, we do hope you’ll benefit from our coverage. If you aren’t already listening through a podcast client, subscribe here.

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