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We take a deep dive into Keyboard shortcuts, or hotkeys in this topic show. We dig into how to decide and design what keyboard shortcuts to have in your web app. What are keyboard shortcuts? Are they the same thing as Accesskeys? What standards and conventions are there to follow? What are shortcut no-nos we should avoid? We try to shine some light on the topic and give your own list of recommendations about what you could do.

(Listening time: 35 minutes)



2 comments on #152 Shortcuts

  1. Emile Facey says:

    Really enjoyable episode, thanks. I have to say that I think the toggle hot keys on-off per web app is a good idea and should not be dismissed so easily. If I’m using a web app all day (e.g. Trello or Leankit) I would be perfectly happy to switch on hot keys for that app and leave them on all day. As long as the toggle function only worked in that particular browser tab it’d be fine.

  2. Ravi says:

    This is great a episode guys, really enjoyed hearing. I am stumped one particular recommendation where pressing “DANGER” would invoke a function is quite amazing.

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