web apps

#152 Shortcuts

We take a deep dive into Keyboard shortcuts, or hotkeys in this topic show. We dig into how to decide and design what keyboard shortcuts to have in your web app. What are keyboard shortcuts? Are they the same thing as Accesskeys? What standards and conventions are there to follow? What are shortcut no-nos we should avoid? We try to shine some light on the topic and give your own list of recommendations about what you could do.

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#146 Listener phone-in (part 1)

James, Per and Danwei open the video channels for the 8th UX Podcast Listener phone-in. On a dark December afternoon gathered in Studio Axbom to chat and take calls from you, the listeners. This is part 1 of the highlights we’ve extracted the 2-hour live session.

We discuss sketching for unusual environments, working backwards, designing VR interfaces, The MBA and Dongles, plus web apps v native apps.

In the full phone-in available on YouTube we also talk about living in a VR world, chatbots and suicide, mentoring, getting into UX after your studies, scrolling, organising design critiques, and panettone!

Our guest in part 1 was Gabe Medina.

You can also listen to Part 2 of highlights from our December phone-in.

(Listening time: 29 minutes)