#174 UX Panel game – without hesitation, repetition or deviation

Show notes

UX Podcast Panel game. Inspired by the legendary panel game devised by Ian Messiter we bring you a UX Podcast Christmas Special. We try to speak uninterrupted for 60 seconds about a given UX related subject.

Chaired by Jonas Söderström our panel includes James Royal-Lawson, Per Axbom, Jane Ruffino and Lena FurbergJonas is the grandfather of usability here in Sweden and the author of Stupid Bloody System. Jane is a UX-minded communications consultant and recovering archaeologist. Lena is a language consultant and part of the team behind the accessibility tool Funkify.

Who will be crowned the winner of the 1st UX Podcast Panel game?

(Listening time: 47 minutes)


  • Intranets I remember
  • Hamburger menus, yummy
  • Prototyping
  • I miss multimedia
  • I wish Apple had not discontinued the round mouse
  • Why elevators have the worst interfaces
  • How I taught Donald Norman how to spell “affordances”
  • Why I always conduct UX research in a tuxedo
  • How the victorious skeumorphic uprising will crush the tyranny of flat design.
  • The mean developers tricked me into trying to order “devops” at the Turkish restaurant.
  • I swear, you honour, it was the voice UI of the self-driving car that made me crash the jeweller’s store window
  • Why I always hand-wring my wire-frames from old surplus Soviet barbed wire.