Show notes

Episode 246 is a link show. James and Per discuss two articles that have grabbed their attention – We discuss developer experience and even “internal” developer experience plus mobile interface testing and the challenges of multi-device, multi-browser testing generally.

Article one is The Brief Guide to Testing Mobile Interfaces by Andrew Yevtushenko and Marina Yalanska. “Testing doesn’t mean that designers or developers do not provide the upper quality. To set the analogy, the fact that every book, magazine or newspaper issue goes through editor’s eye doesn’t say that journalists or writers are not talented and qualified. Different specialists have different goals and skills in the process to increase general productivity and efficiency, and it works the same way for design and development of mobile apps.”

Our second article is Delivering a good Experience as a Developer by Pierre Mouchon. “we define the experience that our products provide. These experiences remain, in a way, totally external, we provide an experience (UX or DX) for a specific external target. We should not forget that [developers] are using the product too (yes, really!) We are touching the internal code of these future applications, so we are using them also, it is logical, right? For me, it’s a complete different branch of the experience that I like to call the Internal Developer Experience.”

(Listening time: 31 minutes, transcript)