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Episode 288 is a linkshow. Per and James discuss two articles that have grabbed their attention – we feature articles about the problems with, and the alternatives to, the term “users” plus the surprisingly complex world of emojis.

Article one is (At least) 4 Xs that aren’t UX by Lawton Pybus. “We’ve grasped for alternatives in the 16 years… and have unfortunately come up short. ‘People’ isn’t specific enough, and ‘customer’ is often too specific. The others—like ‘operator,’ ‘actor,’ ‘agent,’ and ‘experiencer’—are either too weird, or suffer from the same problems that ‘user’ does.”

Our second featured article is The struggle of using native emoji on the web by Nolan Lawson. “At a time when web browsers have gained a staggering array of new capabilities – including Bluetooth, USB, and access to the filesystem – it’s still a struggle to render a smiley face. It feels a bit odd to argue in 2022 that ‘the web should have emoji support,’ and yet here I stand, cap in hand, making my case.”

(Listening time: 36 minutes, transcript)


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