#304 Building a content strategy practice with Natalie Marie Dunbar

Show notes

This podcast is episode 3 of 5 recorded at Ambition Empower Autumn 2022

Getting anything up and running takes both time and planing. Content strategist Natalie Marie Dunbar joins us to talk about her content strategy practice blueprint and how it can help you when building a practice. What to do in order to avoid being an unheard and unappreciated silo as you grow from being a solo practitioner to being an embedded part of the organisation.

Natalie’s book From Solo to Scaled: Building a Sustainable Content Strategy Practice has a 5-point blueprint as it’s core. It is an incredibly useful and applicable process, taking you from making a business case to measuring your success. 

“We want the experience for our users to be seamless. They don’t need to know that there’s two different teams doing things. But in order to do that, building those strong relationships is absolutely key. And it’s also key to the longevity of the practice.”  

(Listening time: 40 minutes, transcript)



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