Show notes

This podcast is episode 1 of 4 recorded at From Business to Buttons 2023

S02E02 (#312). Torrey Podmajersky, author of Strategic Writing for UX, joined us to help us get the words to work. Together with Torrey we highlight the importance of giving our work context as well as establishing a shared vocabulary.

We also talk reflect about how the focus on graphical design comes a the expense of the words and that maybe its a good opportunity revisit and revive some of the concepts from the content world that have fallen into the background in recent times. 

“Oh, we’re consistently using this word over here, I want to avoid that, because that’s a totally different concept. I’m going to use this here. And you create some space really intentionally. So it’s about like, what is the problem you’re trying to solve? And being aware that the words are part of your solution”  

(Listening time: 39 minutes, transcript)


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