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S02E05 (#315). Death by screens. Presenting high stakes design work with Ben Sauer. We talk about how presenting is an experience that needs to be designed, and we discuss some of the ways in which you can approach crafting a presentation experience and become better at communicating your design work.

As we have moved from agency work to more in-house work, the skills needed to create and deliver presentations, especially to people who are not designers, are not as practiced as they once were.

We discuss storytelling, attention grabbers, presentation tactics, the importance of practice – and also allocating time to craft your presentation.

“Don’t show the design. If you’re going to show a screen, don’t show it all at once. Break it down… and talk through the elements slowly so that you are managing exactly where their attention goes”

– Ben Sauer

(Listening time: 45 minutes, transcript)


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