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#257 1992 revisited with Ben Kraal

Old research can give new insights. Ben Kraal publishes a newsletter called “1992”. In it he takes research papers from 1992 and looks them from a modern-day perspective.

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#165 Enterprise stories with Donna Lichaw

Donna Lichaw returns to UX Podcast for another chat, this time we focus on how stories could be used when working with Enterprise UX. Donna is the author of The User’s Journey. In the book Donna explains the idea of storymapping. How, when, and why to use narrative structure in your design work.

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#FBTB17 interview with @dlichaw

This podcast is episode 3 of 5 recorded at From Business To Buttons 2017

We got the chance to talk to Donna Lichaw again, this time in person, at From Business To Buttons. We discussed the complexity and usefulness of stories and storymapping when working with enterprise products – when the hero (user) of your product isn’t your customer.