louis rosenfeld

#142 Presumptive design & Explaining yourself with Leo Frishberg & Lou Rosenfeld

We don’t generally have a problem considering objects from the past. Speculating about what they are and how they might have been used. We could look at artefacts from the future in a similar manner. We talk to Leo Frishberg about presumptive design and how you can use that as a provocative design research tool.

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Interview with @louisrosenfeld at #interactLDN 2016

This podcast is episode 1 of 6 recorded at Interact London 2016

Lou Rosenfeld opened day one at Interact London 2016 with Designing a better you. Just as much a group activity as keynote – but it was a great way to kick off the conference.

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#129 Beyond user research with Lou Rosenfeld

We talk to Lou Rosenfeld about the 4th edition of Information Architecture (“The Polar Bear book”) and how the fields of IA and UX have evolved over the years since the book first came out.

We also talk about going beyond user research and the importance of combining your research with other data points.

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