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Many of us suffer from imposter syndrome. Everyone else is better than me. This was just luck. Good timing. Soon they’re going to find out that I’m faking it.

We talk to Lori Cavallucci and Amy Silvers to learn more about what is it and how it effects us. Why does our branch in particular seem to suffer from it? What can we do to deal with it and can it be a good thing in any way?

Amy is an information architect and UX designer in the NYC. Lori is a user experience designer with a background in psychology working in Philadelphia.

(Listening time: 39 minutes)


2 comments on #106 Imposter syndrome with Amy Silvers & Lori Cavallucci

  1. Jac says:

    Loved the episode. Related very well. Would have liked to hear about success feeding into imposter syndrome as much as failure.

  2. UX Podcast says:

    Hi Jac! Glad you enjoyed the episode. We’re recording a listener phone-in this Friday, August 28 and we’d like listeners to join us to talk more around imposter syndrome. Why not join us for a short chat? The details are here on our live page. /jrl

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