Show notes

Spawned from his keen interest in sci-fi interfaces Chris Noessel is passionate about the concept of agentive technology; computers doing things on our behalf. Computers may do things we don’t want to do or ourselves, things we don’t know how how to do or things we’ve never done before. The trick of course is for the computers to butt in at the right time.

During our interview Chris takes us on an enlightening ride through his studies of the different categories of artificial intelligence, the trolley problem and cooking with Watson.

There is a lot here for designers to understand as we are approaching widespread use of digital assistants and agents. One challenge is helping humans feel comfortable with habitually being aided by personal agents, being augmented by them and allowing them to act on our behalf.

UX Lx 2016 - 24 to 27 May Lisbon, Portugal

(Listening time: 52 minutes, transcript)