Show notes

Episode 220 is a link show. James and Per discuss two articles that have grabbed their attention – this time the articles are: version 2 of the Lean UX Canvas, and how a positive user experience could increase conversions.

Article one is Lean UX Canvas V2 by Jeff Gothelf. Three years ago Jeff published his original UX Canvas. Now he’s updated it and made a number of clarifications. As Jeff puts it “It’s a facilitation tool for cross-functional teams designed to create a customer-centric conversation about the work the team is doing”.

Our second article is Encourage direct bookings through a positive user experience by Jordin Wilson. In many industries and countries, conversion rates over the past 5 years have been falling. Perhaps back-to-basics is the solution? “You must lead potential guests to take action and book directly, without being too pushy”.

(Listening time: 36 minutes, transcript)