Interview with @jimkalbach at #interactLDN 2015

This podcast is episode 1 of 9 recorded at Interact London 2015

Jim Kalbach talked about visualising value. How we need a reversal in business thnking and value alignment. Begin with customer needs and create shared value. Alignment of the individual and the organisation, with value as the overlap.  Value centred design.

This interview was recording during the break, so there’s quite a lively “audience” in the background.


#73 James & Per & Russ plan a workshop

James and Per are joined by Russ Unger to talk about workshops. How do you plan and create a workshop? How do you become an awesome facilitator? We talk about workshops, meetings, presenting, facilitating and the skill of planning. “We’re all event planners now” says Russ.

(Listening time 42 minutes)