Show notes

Episode 228 is a link show. James and Per discuss two articles that have grabbed their attention – this time the articles are: The Aesthetic-Accessibility Paradox and Three Principles for Designing Machine Learning-Powered Products.

Article one is The Aesthetic-Accessibility Paradox by Anthony Tseng. This controversial and misleading article argues that designs can be “too accessible” and that “more accessible an interface is, the less aesthetic appeal it will have” as well as laying out an argument against inclusive design.

Our second article is Three Principles for Designing ML-Powered Products by Mat Budelman and Mark Kizelshteyn. Mat and Mark reflecting on their work with machine learning projects at Spotify, and share their experiences. “The ideas shared here aren’t fundamentally new; these are all techniques derived from long-established human-centered design principles. We are simply applying a new lens of Machine Learning informed by lessons we’ve learned from users’ reactions to our products”.

(Listening time: 32 minutes, transcript)