Show notes

Episode 274 is a linkshow. Per and James discuss two articles that have grabbed their attention – we feature articles about how designers should be aware of data privacy and laws, plus how causal loop diagrams are a useful tool for understanding.

Article one is It’s High Time for Product Designers To Become Privacy Practitioners by Stephanie Lucas. “A baseline knowledge of data privacy best practices will lead to a healthier, more user-friendly, and possibly even faster design process (because, well, you already know what the legal team is likely to say).”

Our second featured article is System thinking for design systems by Budi Tanrim. “This causal loop explains my mental model of how the system works (based on my observation). It’s only a small part of a larger causal loop I have. Once I have it visualized, I can play it around and test my model. It helps me to see how things are interconnected.”

(Listening time: 33 minutes, transcript)


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