Show notes

Episode 241 is a link show. James and Per discuss two articles that have grabbed their attention – this time the articles are about “privacy privilege” and the gulf between other professionals and web development plus how design systems haven’t perhaps delivered on the expectation to improve collaboration.

Article one is Check your privacy privilege by Heather Burns. “Other professionals assume web development is an organised profession with a defined career path like theirs. It is very, very difficult for highly intelligent people working in law and academia, for whom their careers meant three or four years at university, a year or two at graduate school, a full-time position in a professionally structured company, and a clear path of career development, to understand that web development has none of that.”

Our second article is The design systems between us by Ethan Marcotte. “ my experience, design systems haven’t brought this kind of rich, cross-functional collaboration to most organisations. Instead, the existing divisions between design and implementation have become entrenched, and massively so.”

(Listening time: 35 minutes, transcript)