Show notes

This podcast is episode 3 of 6 recorded at Ambition Empower Spring 2022

Web3 is a term that’s getting a lot of attention, along with associated concepts such as blockchain, crypto, NFTs. There are a lot of concepts and phrases to understand, some of them quite technical, before we can get to the question of what benefits they can deliver. Laura Kalbag joins us to help us gain a better understanding of the area. 

We have a pragmatic discussion about Web3, decentralisation, crypto currencies, NFTs and blockchains.

“blockchain is not the be all and end all of decentralisation, there are plenty of other alternatives out there that don’t destroy the environment. And that don’t rely on centralised systems in one way or the other. And I think it’s important that we work on those decentralised technologies and try to make those more inclusive and accessible to everyday people.”  

(Listening time: 48 minutes, transcript)


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