Series: Ambition Empower Spring 2022

UX Podcast records interviews with a live audience consisting of members of the Ambition Empower community. These are the interviews that were recorded together with Empower members during the spring of 2022.


When signing up to be a member of Empower, use the code uxpodcast for a $100/€100/1000 sek discount.

#287 Endineering with Joe MacLeod

This podcast is episode 1 of 1 recorded at Ambition Empower Spring 2022

Joe’s first book “Ends”, back in 2017 was focused on why we don’t do endings, and how that links into consumerism. Joe’s second book, “Endineering” is about how to actively design endings, a ‘how-to’ book for improving how products, services and consumer relationships end. 

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