Show notes

This podcast is episode 5 of 6 recorded at Ambition Empower Spring 2022

We often find ourselves in stressful situations. Sometimes that’s expected, but sometimes it’s not.  The same can be said about the things we design. Sometimes we knowingly design for stressful situations, but sometimes our designs are used (unexpectedly to us) by people while under stress. Katie Swindler, Author of Life and Death Design joins us to discuss designing for stressful situations.

We discuss the different situations in which we use digital products and services while stressed, how our stress response works (and how it affects us), designing for experts versus designing for consumers. We also talk about intuition – ours as designers and that of the people who use our designs. 

“People develop intuition around how websites should work. And when your website violates those expectations… that triggers our intuitive sense of danger… and we treat things that are unexpected as dangerous.”  

(Listening time: 44 minutes, transcript)


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