Show notes

Episode 294 is a linkshow. Per and James discuss two articles that have grabbed their attention – we feature articles about designing the perfect button, and how sitemaps are an essential tool in web design.

Article one is… Designing the perfect button by Domas Markevičius. “Buttons are one of the main UI elements in interactive design. Some of the more complex interfaces can have hundreds of buttons on a single website. Most businesses measure their success by button clicks. So it’s crucial to communicate to the user how a button works and where it’ll lead them.”

Our second featured article is… Can a Website Sitemap Create Better UX? UX Sitemap Guidelines by Kelly Breland. It’s a piece of content marketing that trys to explain and contrast (UX) sitemaps and sitemap.xml files, and why both are useful. Our discussion concludes with a special appearence by Information architect Donna Spencer where she explains more about sitemaps.

(Listening time: 43 minutes, transcript)


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