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#169 Reintroduction to Information Architecture with Donna Spencer

This podcast is episode 3 of 5 recorded at EuroIA 2017

We get a reintroduction to information architecture with Donna Spencer. Donna shares with us some of the methods and tools she teaches as part of her workshops as well as look at some of the challenges that information projects can throw at you. (more…)

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#euroIA17 interview with co-chairs Francis, Angus & Raffaella

This podcast is episode 1 of 5 recorded at EuroIA 2017

Ahead of EuroIA Summit 2017 to be held here in Stockholm, Sweden we talk to the three co-chairs who have been in charge of deciding the theme and overseeing the selection of talks and workshops to be included in the conference. (more…)

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#135 Asian e-commerce & Object Oriented UX with Stephanie Rieger & Sophia Voychehovski

We live in a bit of a western-world UX-bubble. Stephanie Rieger joined us in the first half of this episode to give us a glimpse into how things are in Asia. Amongst other things we talk about social media as an eCommerce platform and the dominance of marketplaces. Sophia Voychehovski joined us in the second […]

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Interview with @sophiavux at #UXLx 2016

This podcast is episode 9 of 11 recorded at UXLx 2016

Sophia Voychehovski joined us to talk about the concept of Object Oriented UX. Its relationship to object oriented programming and what benefits it can give us when designing. Sophia held both a full day and a half day workshop around the topic at UXLx 2016.

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#129 Beyond user research with Lou Rosenfeld

We talk to Lou Rosenfeld about the 4th edition of Information Architecture (“The Polar Bear book”) and how the fields of IA and UX have evolved over the years since the book first came out. We also talk about going beyond user research and the importance of combining your research with other data points. Finally […]

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#104 Sorting out this mess with Abby Covert & Andrew Hinton

A conversation with Abby Covert and Andrew Hinton about dealing with digital change. Recorded at UXLx 2015. Abby is an independent information architect and author of How to Make Sense of Any Mess. Andrew is also an information architect and author of Understanding Context. We touched on numerous subjects and challenges, including: The pace of digital change, […]

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#66 James & Per stunt UX

A Link show. James and Per discuss three recent articles found during their digital travels. Has information architecture been hindered by the rise of user experience? What is user experience? and finally how do you make sure that users don’t accidentally delete things? (Listening time: 37 minutes) Episode 66: @beantin & @axbom stunt #UX http://t.co/C1HFQb6G2K […]

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