Show notes

This podcast is episode 1 of 5 recorded at Ambition Empower Autumn 2022

Informed consent is a critical part of the research process. We talk to Kim Foulds and Joyce Rafla about how they made use of videos featuring Sesame Workshop muppets to make taking a consent decision more inclusive, accessible and informed.

We discuss the complexity of obtaining informed consent, especially when faced with literacy, cultural and economic challenges. We also reflect on how we work with consent within digital design research.

“One of the most powerful elements of the video is a child asking questions of an adult and then is free to say no, and there’s no shame. No one says ‘Are you sure?’, ‘Come on’. That’s there’s no peer pressure effect. It’s just like, ‘Okay’ and then we move on to the next thing.”  

(Listening time: 38 minutes, transcript)


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