Show notes

S02E01 (#311). Donna Lichaw takes us on another enthrawling journey in our latest podcast interview with her. This time Donna helps us understand the value of finding out your superpower and becoming a superhero. What’s all that got to do with leadership? Listen along and find out.

We discuss how there is so much expectation about how you should be and how you should behave as a leader, but trying to be someone you are not is a waste of time. If you can, like superheroes in comic books, find your own inner strength and see them as superpowers, we can then figure out how to embrace that and make an impact.

“If you’re going against who you are at your core, you’re going to waste a lot of energy trying to show up as this leader who you think you’re supposed to be.”  

(Listening time: 45 minutes, transcript)


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