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#139 Education & Leadership with Evgenia Grinblo & Melissa Perri (Part 2)

In part2 of our two part chat with Melissa Perri and Evgenia Grinblo about education and leadership, we ask why are we doing all this stuff? The importance of metrics, incentives and leadership. Caring about your team and keeping them on track. (more…)

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#138 Education & Leadership with Evgenia Grinblo & Melissa Perri (Part 1)

We found ourselves talking separately to Melissa Perri and Evgenia Grinblo about education within the UX and design industry. So we brought them both into the same room and pressed record. (more…)

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#137 Design leadership with Andy Budd

We talk to Andy Budd about design leadership. As our relatively young industry matures and expands, many people are moving from being UX practitioners to being UX leaders, or design leaders. (more…)

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Interview with @melissaperri & @grinblo at #UXLx 2016

This podcast is episode 8 of 11 recorded at UXLx 2016

We found ourselves chatting to Melissa Perri and to UXLx attendee Evgenia Grinblo separately about similar topics. So, we gathered them into a room together and pressed record. During our conversation we discussed the education gap and the challenge of progressing from junior to senior to leader.

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Interview with @vjkirby at #interactLDN 2015

This podcast is episode 4 of 9 recorded at Interact London 2015

Vanessa Kirby has created and managed a number of UX teams. Who do you need in your team? Do we need UX unicorns? Should we aspire to become unicorns?

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#93 James & Per & Kim plan their journey

This podcast is episode 2 of 6 recorded at From Business to Buttons 2015

We’re joined by Kim Goodwin author of Designing for the digital age and UX executive at both PatientsLikeMe and Cooper. We dive into the merits of journey mapping. What it is and how it can be useful. We also chat about UX principles, adoption and leadership. How to evolve processes into principles, getting UX adopted in your organisation, and […]

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