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This podcast is episode 4 of 4 recorded at From Business to Buttons 2023

S02E15 (#325). Ellen Lupton, designer, educator and author, helps us stock up our toolbox of design principles and methods, starting off with storytelling in visual design, and the “rule of three” before we move on to linear and non-linear experiences. Will we follow the rule of three and have a third topic?

We talk about IKEA and The Wizard of Oz, labyrinths and mazes. The use of colour to craft a narrative within larger experiences. The importance of pace, and that sometimes a challenge is good for the experience.

“[Seven] is a beautiful number. It’s a prime number, it has an elegance within the sequence from one to ten. That’s very attractive. And of course, people can remember seven things, not me anymore.”

– Ellen Lupton

(Listening time: 31 minutes, transcript)


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