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Web forms and form analytics. We’re joined (once he’d found the right garden!) by Jonas Arnklint from Stockholm-based start-up Revrise to talk about web forms.

We talk about the form’s importance in most things web – sign up forms, payment forms, contact forms. We also talk about Jonas’s form analytics product, designed to help you pick up on form problems and leakage.

To cap things off, we share some of our tips for optimising your web forms.

(Listening time 41 minutes)



2 comments on #60 James & Per & Jonas fill in forms

  1. James says:

    Following your call to action to give feedback:
    This and your previous podcast, I really want to share with colleagues.
    But when I do I have to say words to the effect of “Skip over the first few minutes of waffle and go to Xminutes Yseconds.” Or of course it may be the third item that I’m particularly keen to listen to. The point is that it would be useful to make it easy to jump to specific bits of the show.

    I notice that Soundcloud enable me to share a link that includes a start time. That’s great but doesn’t cover the other use case of the listener who wonders at what point in the show a particular topic is discussed. I wonder do any podcast systems help address that issue that could help increase listeners by reducing the entry barrier?.

  2. UX Podcast says:

    That’s great feedback James! When we started out, back in the day, we actually tried to split the show into three shows. This turned out to be a big hassle when editing and publishing though. I know there is a way of adding chapters to podcast tracks for iTunes – but am not really sure this is something that works with all podcast listening software. You may be on to something with Soundcloud, though, as this would enable us to add markers and notes. In the end, we try to balance the time spent recording, editing, publishing, marketing… since we are doing this on “free time” and without sponsors. More and more we are getting the feeling though that we may have a product that sponsors would be interested in, so we are talking about that possibility, which would also mean more time for tweaks like this. So no promises, but it I do completely agree and it is something I would like to try and fit into our post-production schedule. /PAX

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