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#142 Presumptive design & Explaining yourself with Leo Frishberg & Lou Rosenfeld

We don’t generally have a problem considering objects from the past. Speculating about what they are and how they might have been used. We could look at artefacts from the future in a similar manner. We talk to Leo Frishberg about presumptive design and how you can use that as a provocative design research tool. How […]

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Interview with @leofrish at #interactLDN 2016

This podcast is episode 5 of 6 recorded at Interact London 2016

Leo Frishberg ended day 1 at Interact London with a talk about artefacts from the future. With the future arriving faster than we can create it, how can an innovator stay ahead? What’s the difference between a prototype and an artefact from the future? Interview with @leofrish at #interactLDN 2016 – Artifacts From the Future https://t.co/28pXR3LCi8 — […]

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