Series: UXLx 2019

UX Podcast attended UXLx 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal between May 21 and 24.  The 10th edition of UXLx! During the event we recorded interviews with 5 of the speakers, which will be released during 2019.

#212 Continuous learning with Kate Rutter

This podcast is episode 1 of 2 recorded at UXLx 2019

How can we stay up-to-date in a world constantly in flux? Kate Rutter, designer, teacher and co-host of What Is Wrong With UX joins us to talk about how to embrace continious learning and personal growth.
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#215 Machine learning with Daryl Weir

This podcast is episode 2 of 2 recorded at UXLx 2019

People worry that machines are going to get too smart. The bigger problem right now is that they aren’t smart enough. Daryl Weir, mathematician and data scientist joins us to talk about machine learning and AI.
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