#144 Anticipatory design & cross-channel ecosystems with Sarah Doody & Andrea Resmini

Sarah Doody joined us to talk about anticipatory design. What if we didn’t need to find and search through information to help us make decisions. What if instead, information came to us at the right time and with the right context?

Professor Andrea Resmini discusses mapping cross-channel ecosystems. We asked Andrea to explain what cross-channel ecosystems are and what benefit mapping them gives to us as designers and the organisations we work with.

(Listening time: 33 minutes)


Interview with @resmini at #interactLDN 2016

This podcast is episode 3 of 6 recorded at Interact London 2016

Professor Andrea Resmini is holding a presentation called Mapping cross channel ecosystems. Ahead of his talk, we get him to explain what this is and what it means for us as designers and the organisations we work with.

Interview with @uxsophia at #interactLDN 2015

This podcast is episode 7 of 9 recorded at Interact London 2015

Sofia Hussain joined us to talk about ecosystem thinking and how you can transform products and grow your business so that they encompass a wider spectrum of points across a users journey.