#105 Content, sensory experiences & linked data with Nicole Fenton, Alastair Somerville & Mike Atherton

Show notes

A triple set of interviews with Nicole Fenton, Alastair Somerville and Mike Atherton recorded at UXLx 2015.  Nicole is an editor, writer, content strategist. Alastair is a specialist in sensory cognition and accessibility. Mike is a user experience designer and information architect.

First we talk to Nicole about content, conversations and being iterative with your words. trying to figure out the right words for the right situations.

Our second interview is with Alastair. It’s not just about the screen. We talk about sensory experiences and about how accessibility settings can help us deal with cognitive load.

Finally we chat to Mike about linked data and its potential as well as some of its potential problems and challenges.

(Listening time 43 minutes)


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