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Episode 278 is a linkshow. Per and James discuss two articles that have grabbed their attention – we feature articles about the era of design system in Russia and a status report on the toxicity in digital design.

Article one is The Era of Design Systems Is Gone originally by Seryozha Plaschinsky and translated by Onchky. “Of course, guides, libraries, and basic principles will always be needed — it is the visual DNA of the company. Here we can only assume that soon they will stop imitating the code with their tokens, autolayouts and symbols and will become a little simpler and lighter. And the dictatorship of components will become advisory in nature:”

Our second featured article is Toxicity in Digital Design: A Status Report by Lisa Angela. “We need to stop being so petty and shallow. Sure, that eleventy-millionth meme about UX/UI annoys me, but at the end of the day, who gives a shit? Our job is to throw enough positive energy and better information into the design zeitgeist to drown out the noise. Don’t shout down. Shout louder.”

(Listening time: 35 minutes, transcript)


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