Show notes

This podcast is episode 3 of 4 recorded at From Business to Buttons 2023

S02E10 (#320). What does it mean to own something? We talk with David about the concept of ownership, going beyond the legal definition and into the wider concept of ownership and how digital artefacts lead us to re-think and re-evaluate some of the concepts that we have previously relied on.

We talk about copyright, creative commons, art, creativity, reciprocity and how concepts such as crowd funding can enable projects that otherwise don’t make traditional economic sense. We also name-drop a large number of music artists and albums! 

“What’s scarce in buying that, you know, Beyonce digital album is Beyonce. She’s the part that is in fact, individual not replicable. Super scarce, her time, her effort.”

– David Dylan Thomas

(Listening time: 47 minutes, transcript)


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