#89 James & Per want a car not a skateboard

How do you build a minimum viable product? Inspired by a Twitter conversation, we talk to Russ Unger, Stephen Anderson and Jeff Gothelf about what MVP is, what it isn’t. Does it cause more confusion than add value? What are we trying to learn and validate? We get some hangups off our chests, and discuss how you and your product team can avoid some of the MVP pitfalls.

(Listening time: 53 minutes)


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One Response to #89 James & Per want a car not a skateboard

  1. Jan December 30, 2014 at 10:25 am #

    Great show and a very good discussion.

    Here is even more twitter “discussion” regarding the image you guys mentioned: https://twitter.com/IATV/status/515873729063436288

    I totaly love the point Nick Finck is making: “We shouldn’t target a Minimum Viable Product, we should strive for a Minimum Viable Experience.”

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