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Interview with @lwelchman at #UXLx 2015

This podcast is episode 7 of 8 recorded at UXLx 2015

Lisa Welchman was the opening speaker on the conference day of UXLx 2015. She posed the question Are we Architecting the Information Age? We talk to her about our responsibility as designers and creators of digital products, services and information and our need to take a holistic view and have the confidence to stand up for what we know […]

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#97 James & Per & Joe peel onions

We talk to Joe Leech about psychology for designers and bullshit science. We debunk some myths and “rules” that come across as truths. How do you construct an argument with facts rather than fiction? How do we validate our data inputs and build confidence in our designs and decisions? We get into the ethics of both […]

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